How we can help you?

We’re basically two : my guardian angel and I, tireless and experienced travellers, who after spending the night in thousands of hotels on five continents, have always venerated the figure of the hotel CONCIERGE.

An unfortunately endangered species, whose figure as such only appears in a few big Luxury HOTELS on the planet.

Currently, the reception of a hotel is mainly dedicated to check-in, check-out, payment of reservations, room list, etc.. (we are starting to talk about robots to replace receptionists) on the contrary, the Concierge, when he exists, is exclusively dedicated to satisfying the desires and needs of customers, in short they are real guides, facilitators…

When a client needs something unusual or to solve a problem, the concierge will surely do his best to satisfy his request.

Lourdes, with more than 100 hotels, is a big destination that often needs this type of specialized service.

It is for this reason, and as a new contribution to the destination of Lourdes, that we have created our “Conciergerie” in Lourdes. Hotels, visitors and service providers who need our help will be happy to find it at Lourdes Concierge Services.


Rafael Moreno


Legal Notices

Lourdes Concierge Services is a sole proprietorship registered with the RCS of Tarbes (65000) France under the siret number  327 736 336 for commercial activities as a business provider to companies and liberal activities such as consulting and training in the hotel and tourist sector.

Lourdes Concierge Services has a CPR Insurance ( Professional Civil Responsibility ) subscribed with the insurance company MAAF with head office in Chaban 79180 CHAURAY -France